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We Got the Truck!

We Got the Truck!

Before doing anything in life, you should make sure you do some research before going through with something. Even if it’s a little amount of research, like lets say you’re strictly vegetarian (like Matty was for 5 years) and you’re going out to dinner with friends; you want to have done enough research to know if you can order something off their menu. But the bigger decision you make, the more research you should do.
And that is what we have done with this truck.

It’s been a process of getting this truck, but I am happy to announce that we have our vehicle for the future travel trailer! We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out, and the timing of it all.

Choosing The Right Truck

When the idea of living in an RV with online jobs came upon us, we spent the whole evening fantasizing about it. We thought about where we’d go, what kind of RV to get, what things we would need to sell, what kind of jobs to have… and what kind of truck could even pull an RV.

We currently own a minivan, a blue 1991 Toyota Sienna named Zoe, and this beaut’ has gotten us through a lot. But she’s getting old, and will unfortunately not be able to pull thousands of pounds of weight. So, that night, we did some Googling.

Of course, a truck was going to be necessary. At the time, Mason wasn’t born, but we knew we’d be traveling with a baby and our two dogs. What kind of truck is comfortable enough for that? I had had a very narrow understanding of all things truck (which I totally still do), and I became wonderfully enlightened in our search.

Our Priorities:
  1. Tow Capacity. Most travel trailers’ dry weight is between 6,000 lbs to 8,000 lbs, so our truck would need to pull at least 8,000 (10,000 lbs to be sure). That narrowed down the search.
  2. Four Doors. We will be bringing Mason with us, as well as the dogs, and need room for them comfortably.
  3. Diesel. With our intentions of tugging a huge travel trailer with us, I wanted no doubt that we could move around safely with Mason and the girls. Diesel trucks are just stronger trucks: they have higher torque, typically last longer, and our lifestyle will not be as hard on the engine. The drawback to a diesel is that they are harder to work on if something on it needs work, so we intend to take wonderful care of this truck.

Finding The Truck

We based our research for the truck off of the trailer that I had fallen in love with. This travel trailer (a beauty, it is a 2017 Keystone Cougar) that we’d seen had a dry weight of almost 10,000 lbs, so we started to do some research on what trucks could accomplish this.

2006 doge ram 2500 dieselAfter reading fellow traveler’s blogs, we read praises for the Dodge Ram 2500. Plenty of families raved about this car, who used the truck for the same reason we intend to. So we said, alright, seems like this is the right kind of car.

The hold up: how the crap do we find one? Affordably?

Seriously. I searched far and wide for this kind of truck, and found one or two on CarMax for $50,000… not a chance, Grace.

The Waiting Game

This was back in January 2017 that we discovered the dream may have to be on hold. There was simply no way we could finance a $50K truck. Nor did I want to, even if we h
ad the money and the jobs. That is just way too much money to spend on a used car.

I was kind of down about it. Until, one day, I downloaded LetGo.

Don’t laugh.

I am completely serious. I found a 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 TurboDiesel 4 Door / 4WD on LetGo for $21K. I didn’t even believe what was happening when I scrolled upon it. I immediately sent it to Matty and asked the seller if it was still available. He said it was, and my husband couldn’t believe it either!

Yada yada yada, we got the truck looked at, test drove it, got all the paper work for its’ history, and we closed on our loan last night! Not only did we get the perfect truck, the now previous owner wants to stay in contact with us as our “go-to truck guy” should (we will) have any questions.

New Car Owners!

2006 doge ram 2500 diesel family love our little life

There’s so much for us both to learn, especially me. I am getting used to driving it, but I can’t wait to get my hands on the owner’s manual (after Matty is done) and reading the crap out of it.
It’s very surreal: Our dream is 1/3 accomplished. All the is left is getting the RV and getting jobs. It’s a lot left to accomplish… but it could happen quickly. Who knows when it’ll happen! Hopefully here soon.

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