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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Matty and I got to celebrate our Valentine’s Day yesterday, on February 15th. As we both work on Tuesdays, we had to make our arrangements for the day after. And boy, did we have a wonderful day!

We made our second trip to the Tennessee Aquarium, and Mason was a champ this time around. grace mason tennessee aquarium butterflies Love Our LIttle LifeAfter we parked and made our way up the elevator to the top floor, we were greeted by three very active horseshoe crabs. I had never seen this creature so active! I was happy to learn all about this creature, and seeing its’ creepy little underbelly!

Then we headed over to the butterfly room, and Mason was in love! He enjoyed watching them fly around above his head, especially the butterflies with blue wings. Here’s a picture of us watching the beautiful creatures fly around.

Below us in the aquarium were the sharks and jellyfish. I think, of the two buildings of the Tennessee Aquarium, this is definitely my favorite exhibit. mattie mason tennessee aquariumWhile the River Monsters are cool to look at, there’s something about the coral reefs, sharks, sting rays, and all the other ocean life that intrigue me. I was able to learn about the octopuses they have as well; turns out, that the two girls that they have in tanks are laying their eggs. According to the staffer, octopuses lay eggs once in their lifetimes, and because they won’t abandon their eggs, they starve themselves to death. I was very upset to hear this news, and wondered if the staff attempted to force-feed them. “We tried that with a female octopus a few years ago, but it only prolonged her death,” she said solemnly. I said a little prayer for them and continued through the aquarium.

Last Minute Date Night

After we got home, we napped and did some household chores. But at 4:00, we left Mason with his sitter and headed off to see the Lego Batman Movie! Matty loves the lego movies, so I knew we would have to go and see this for our Valentine’s date. When we entered the theater, no one was there. We were literally the only ones watching the movie. A little insight about me…. I am an awful movie-goer. I comment through the whole movie. But because we were alone there, I could laugh and be as loud as I would be alone at home watching the movie! It was freeing.

We had a good time together. It’s nice being just two sometimes. I hope your Valentine’s Day was as full as mine was.

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