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Read Our Update: Exploring Our Options

Read Our Update: Exploring Our Options

I suppose it’s time for a little update on our lives. It’s been about two months since we purchased our truck; our son is going to be 8 months old this month; and it’s already May, which means it’s officially the month we had planned on “moving”. It’s been a crazy month, and there’s much to discuss. Here’s the low-down:

Update On Mason

update on Mason
Mason has got two teeth: a top and a bottom tooth! We have been practicing lots of new skills, including crawling. Mason is still trying to master sitting up. He’s a very trusting kid, and will fall right over if he sees something out of reach to either side of him. As his careful momma, I’ve been having trouble letting him fall. I know that’s how he’ll learn, but I can’t imagine anything happening to him!

He can turn in full circles on his tummy, and even scoots forward sometimes. But he’s mainly been crawling backwards in the last week. Thinking back to when we first had him in his “car” (the walker), he went backwards all the time in it before he figured out how to go forward. I’m thinking it’ll be the same deal for crawling!

Mason has given us a bit of a scare recently. We ended up taking him to the pediatrician to see what was wrong. He’s so far fine, but they wanted to order an EEG just in case. So we are waiting to schedule that.

Update On The Girls

They’ve been awesome! Occasionally, they have had some behavioral issues. Like if we are out of the apartment for too long, they have started to get into the trash and tear things up. It’s been hard having to split up our time with the dogs and Mason. Especially since Mason is needing more of our attention than usual with the teething and general new discoveries (like crawling and learning to stand).

But we are trying hard to include them and make them feel loved and valued! We still get their BarkBoxes in the mail, which they love. They won’t have a vet visit until July, and they’ve been healthy healthy! Thank the lord.

Update On Our Dream

Update on our dream
We went into Camping World here in Chattanooga recently to see if we could get our dream RV at the price we wanted. Unfortunately, it couldn’t be done. To be honest, it’s left us in a bit of a funk.

Because the truth of the matter is, getting out there is what we have to do. We both feel traveling really isn’t an option to not do. We need to do this, for our family.

So we have been tinkering with many ideas: buying a janky old RV, remodeling; selling the truck and living out of the van and AirBNB-ing; buying a motor home. So many options for the lifestyle we are dreaming of.

In the meantime, as well, my hubby’s brain has been working hard churning out new ideas for making money. With all of the coffee machines we have, he’s wanting to rent it out for events like graduations and weddings! What a cool idea, something I bet people would love. We’re also working on a new website called Dogs Love Chattanooga and we’re gathering email addresses for a mailing list. And man, do I love these newsletters. I bet people didn’t know half the stuff dogs are actually allowed to here in Chatt.

So our dream is on a bit of a standstill, but we aren’t giving up. Our dream is just out of reach!

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