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The New Sleeping Routine

The New Sleeping Routine

Becoming a mother has been nothing like I ever imagined. So many aspects of motherhood fail to meet expectations, in good ways and bad, but I think the biggest adjustment for Matty and I both has been his sleeping routine.

Nighttime for Mason was a really struggle early on. But honestly, I don’t recall it vividly or with residual stress. Those nights are long gone, and it’s sometimes sad to pause and recall.

Before Four Months Old

As new parents, Matty and I did everything we could think of to get Mason to sleep at night. When he was a newborn, we could swaddle him in blankets or his puppy-covered Halo swaddle. After we would place him in that swaddle down on his pack’n’play, he would be out for hours!

Sleeping babyWhen he got a little older, we actually just held him all night long because we couldn’t put him down. Matty would take a shift and then pass him off to me. There was a lot of sleepless nights and nights filled with watching Netflix.

On the day of his fourth doctors visit, we made a plan to begin sleep training. You can read my little article here: it really helps!

Now He Is Six Months Old!

My precious baby isn’t so much of a baby anymore. He babbles all day like we can understand him, he can run around the kitchen in his walker, and he can now roll over both ways.

As I wrote about in the sleep training post, we have been using the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit since he was four months old. But now, our clever boy has found a way to flip over onto his tummy in the middle of the night. For obvious reasons, we can’t let him do that anymore! I called the doc yesterday to get some guidance about how to put him down now.

I had a lot of anxiety about putting him to bed last night. We have always used the sleep suit, he was used to it. I’d convinced myself he would never sleep without it. Bedtime would never be the same!

So midway through the day, I pulled the sleep sack from it’s place hanging in the closet and placed him in it for naptime. (I got my duckie sleep sack from a friend, but you can get one similarĀ here)

In his sleep sack

Like a charm, this guy fell asleep for naptime. I still hold him for naptime (once we have the rv, I’ll train him to sleep in the crib for naptime). I also just enjoy holding him still. But as I got him ready for bed, I copied the same bedtime routine, and placed him down.

After a few tries, I got him to sleep. I held his hand through the crib for a while, and I think I even nodded off on the chaise next to him. But after just ten or so minutes, he was out!

Putting Your Baby To Sleep In Sleep Sack

If you are like me and used a sleep suit, you’ll probably be as surprised as I was about the transition to sleep sack. But here are some steps to make sure that you have success when transitioning!

  1. Keep the routine! You should have made a sleep routine and have it established for at least a week before you switch something about that routine up. Consistency is key!
  2. Stay with them. If your baby is like mine right now, he will need some hand holding. I stayed in his room well after he fell asleep, holding his hand, so he knew I was there. Starting those teething days is rough; letting your baby know you’re there for them is important.
  3. Be there for them. If they don’t take to sleeping through the night, or need to be held, or need more milk, oblige! Especially during teething nights, your little one needs you. Don’t worry about “coddling” them, there is no such thing when they’re itty bitty

I hope this was helpful and that your baby sleeps peacefully through the night for you! Don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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