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Starting Sleep Training

Day One

Or Attempt One, At Least

On Tuesday evening, Matty and I got the least amount of sleep we’ve gotten in a while. Poor Mason was woken up every 90 minutes in bed with us, not necessarily fussy, but awake. We had to get up and rock the babe to sleep every time, feeding him formula every time he woke. Matty was working early in the morning after closing his shift at Starbucks (which meant he had only 8 hours before going back into work), so I was the one up with him most of the time. I really just felt bad for my little man, I didn’t know how to make him comfortable!

So, the next day, I read up on what to expect in the fourth month. Sure enough, the words “sleep regression” came up and I knew that’s what Mason was starting up into! The more I read, the more opinions I started getting into, and I got overwhelmed.

I will document all of my attempts and daily discoveries with sleep training here, in hopes it could help other mommas. But keep in mind the following:

  • We co-sleep with Mason. He’s four months old, 16lbs, and he sleeps in the bed with us.
  • He always, always, always is in his Magic Merlin’s Sleep Suit, which you can get on Amazon
  • He goes to bed at 11:00pm and usually slept 3 1/2 hours every night

I say these things because, truly, every baby is different. I cannot stress that enough. I mean, I have only been a mom for four months, and I understood from the very beginning that my Mason wasn’t going to fit into every suggestion I read on other people’s blogs. And that’s alright! And it’s also alright to still read those blogs, so you don’t feel completely alone in whatever strange thing your baby is up to.

mason in pack and play Love Our LIttle Life
little man falling asleep

Now, tonight is going to be my first attempt with sleep training. Right now, my handsome man is in his pack’n’play (from Amazon here), in his new sleep suit, with a pacifier. This is how I am going to try to train him for daytime naps! Here is my list of things I will do, consistently, persistently, and every night in hopes to get him used to sleeping on his own.

  1. At 10:00pm, I will take him into his bedroom and play with him in his play mat doing tummy and back time.
  2. After at least 15 minutes, I will draw his warm bath.
  3. Get in the tub, practice with the water and give him a soothing bath.
  4. Towel him off, massage with lotion, and get him into jammies.
  5. Bring him back to his room, read him 2-3 nighttime books.
  6. Put him in his sleep suit and put him down in his crib.

I really don’t know how this will go. And I will have to be trying hard not to get discouraged if he doesn’t magically fall asleep after doing all of this. Right now, Mason is temperamental with books, he’s gotta be in a good mood. He also has never ever slept in his crib. We really don’t spend a lot of time in his room, as we had a bassinet that he’s been sleeping in along with co-sleeping. So I cannot predict what will happen. But I guess now’s as good a time as any to get him into the habit of falling asleep on his own and in his own bed!

Wish us luck!

xoxo, G

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