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We’re so excited that you’ve joined us in learning to love life.

Mattie and GraceAs we’re setting out on the road to explore, we’re discovering how to make the most of our time as a family, and inspiring others along the way.

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Mattie, Grace, & Mason

A Brief Story

You have stumbled onto this blog and might be thinking “What is this all about?” Well, my friends, let me tell you a bit about what to expect by following this blog.


As all new parents experience, our love for our child is completely overwhelming and overpowering – I personally cannot get enough time with him. I miss him even when he is asleep in my arms, I just can’t wait until he wakes up and learns more about the world around him! But, as most new parents also experience, there came a time when I needed to go back to work. We had no other method to support our lifestyle.

Finding Time Together

Love Our LIttle Life About Mattie and Grace at the Grange Love Our Little LifeAnd it sucked. It’s a shame that that is what most families have to choose: work to provide for or spending time with your family. I have been abundantly fortunate that we have family to help care for Mason, so he didn’t have to go to daycare. We dreaded the idea of handing my son off to another caregiver so that we could come home exhausted from work to a tired baby. Then we repeat that same day in the morning.

We thought to ourselves, shortly after Mason’s birth, “Do we have to do this? Can we find other jobs that allow us to stay at home? Or dare travel with our son like we have always wanted to? Can we go outside of the norm…” And that was scary to think out loud to each other.

After all, how many families with children do you know that actually get to stay at home? We only saw bloggers and writers who could make this happen, and we always thought that it was impossible for us to do too. How many families like ours get to travel, especially with toddlers? To see places they’ve pinned on their Pinterest boards for months? Surely this dream would just be a dream.

Leaps of Faith

Love Our LIttle Life About Mattie, Mason, and Grace Christmas PhotoshootBut we are in love with our Mason Allan and will do anything to make his life as perfect as possible. So, we are taking that huge, scary leap out of the norm, attempting to make our dream a reality… by working online and living in an RV. Your plunge might look different, but we’re sure you can learn a little something from us.

So there. That’s our quick little story, and what to expect from loving our little life. Expect to read stories of our panic trying to get this dream afloat; stories of Mason growing up; stories about our journey to different parts of the country, learning about other cultures and ways of life; of every detail of our lives in hopes of inspiring others to love their lives.
We get one life, right? (Unless you believe otherwise). We want to live, as best I can, with no regrets. We want to make this dream a reality, and we are thrilled that you’re joining us on the adventure!

Grace, Mason, and Mattie (And Piper and Elliot too!)

our whole family downtown chattanooga

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