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Spring Time Means Flower Time

Spring Time Means Flower Time

When I was younger, I hated doing any kind of yard work as a chore. Whether it was mulching, raking up leaves in the fall, or picking up sticks so my dad could mow, I detested it all! But I’ve always loved flowers. I mean, who doesn’t appreciate them? Every spring, I would get so excited coming home from school and seeing the tulips start to bud in our front lawn’s flower bed. For a long time after being on my own, I didn’t get flowers. I think I just thought it was too much effort (and it is a lot of effort).

Last spring was my first time tending flowers. I have to admit, I wasn’t the best gardener and I let the flowers get overgrown. But this year, I┬ádecided I wanted to try again!

Shopping For Pretty Flowers

Picking out flowers at Home Depot
We went shopping at Home Depot this morning for some flowers! Mason was a great helper, picking at all the petals on the beautiful flowers. He especially liked these hibiscus flowers, but we did not end up getting them.

As I had some flower pots at home, I didn’t need to get them this time around. We just went around the garden area of Home Depot and let Mason choose his flowers.

Potted flowersI just felt like I needed some beauty in my life today. Potting flowers is also very calming for me, and taking care of them is a simple, clear-minded task. Even though it’s adding one more thing to my plate, the beauty is worth it!

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