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Sleep Training

Day Two

It’s 6:20pm and I have Mason in his room down for the night. That being said, I should clarify Mason’s current slumber state: wide awake. However, he is sucking on his pacifier and I only hear a few grunts and struggles every once in a while.

It was made clear to me that this sleep training thing is definitely going to take a while, and hard consistency from both Matty and I. Although we’re not on the same page yet, I am hoping to be soon. It’s hard when one or both Matty and I are so tired, and we just want to do anything to get Mason to sleep. But I know that in the long run, doing this is going to be good for baby and parents.

Mason hardly ever cries, although he is developing some ‘tude and getting a personality. So at least right now in the early stages of the training, there aren’t tears from either of us (me and Mason). I think that is what has made my parenting learning curve easy – Mason doesn’t cry. When he was born, he didn’t immediately cry, either. It was more of a whimper, which resulted in his first NICU visit. They were concerned about his lungs, because when babies cry they usually expel any of the leftover liquids that were in there out. But my boy was perfectly content to be on the outside of my belly, like he was ready for it.

Intermission: pacifier fell out.

End note: Mason woke up and I had to start all over again! Sleep training is hard.


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