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Shopping for an RV

January 2, 2016

Going to Camping World

We’d given Mason to his great-grandmother to be watched while we went browsing the RVs at Camping World. Matty and I really didn’t know what to expect of the trip. Matty and his family used to visit camper parks quite often. Apparently, it used to be a dream of his parents to buy an RV and travel around with their family.

We had looked up some things about RVs at home, and thought we had narrowed the types of RVs down to a fifth wheeler. We want to have a truck to tow the RV, because we want the freedom of having a car without lugging around a house all over town, and I also didn’t like the idea of towing a car behind an RV. So we thought a fifth wheeler was a good choice.

Thankfully, we met with a professional who could pinpoint our desires and show us the perfect travel trailer.

It’s a Keystone Cougar, and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. It was a gloomy day, January 2 – it rained the whole time we were looking around the site. But man, that did not ruin the beauty that is my future RV.

It has so much space on the inside, enough for my dogs and my son to play around in. The bathroom is the perfect size, and would probably even accomodate us putting in a fitted tub so Mason can still have baths. And the bedroom… Oh, you have no idea. So many windows, so much storage, and space enough to fit a mini crib for Mason. I fell in love!

If it weren’t for the lack of a couple thousand dollars and jobs to help support our goal lifestyle, I would have bought it right then! They salesman we worked with sure wanted us to get it, too. He said it was his favorite travel trailer, and it was just at the top of our imaginary budget.

Next Steps

Now, we have to get working on finding jobs. I, myself, have applied to three different jobs. Those jobs are the only ones that I would actually enjoy working at, and I truly hope I can snag one of them. We need to have jobs that would provide a take-home of at least $4,000 a month, and allows us to have time with Mason and the girls and time to travel around. Seems easy enough…

After we have those jobs, we just need to trade in our old van, get us a 3/4 ton truck, purchase our travel trailer… And we are off!

I still have to get out of my head that it’s too preposterous to travel around the United States like this. Because it’s not.

It’s doable, and we should do it. I want Mason to appreciate the country, appreciate others’ lifestyles, and I desperately want to travel with my dogs and my husband. I simply cannot wait for everything to fall into place!



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