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Settling Into Our New Life

Settling Into Our New Life

When I started this blog, I had every intention to be consistent. But as the saying goes, God laughs when you make plans. This saying has rung true to Matty and I the last few months. We made plans to travel 24/7 in an RV, and it’s heartbreaking to announce this won’t be happening. It took us a long time to accept that, but we’ve come to terms and begun to settle into our new life.

Putting Our Dream On Hold

It wasn’t easy realizing it wouldn’t be happening. We each took turns putting off the conversation of how are we really going to accomplish this? I would check our bank account and think to myself, maybe next month will be better. But the truth is we’re millennials making minimum wage. Our side hustles are still small, and it’s just not the right time. We’ve felt all sorts of emotions about it, but we realize it’s not our time.

With this acceptance was more unpleasantness. Matty’s family seemed to have steered into a storm starting in April. The road has been rocky dealing with the split of family members and ultimately resulted in us having to find a new home. In efforts to avoid living on the couch of my mother-in-law, we decided to rent an apartment for at least a year. Painful though it was the see our relationship with my father-in-law crumble, see my husband’s childhood home get prepped for sale, and move out in a hurry, it was time.

During the turmoil of it all, we were overwhelmed and stressed. In hindsight, having it all happen at once was maybe what was best. Once we unpacked the last box in our new apartment, we finally felt a wave of relief.

Mason’s Growth During These Last Few Months

All smilesIt’s unbelievable that in less than 8 weeks, Matty and I will have a one year old. It’s incredible thinking about to this time last year, wandering the Earth as a human-walrus. In August, I as 8 months pregnant, swollen, and blissfully unaware of the pains of parenthood.

It’s proving a bit difficult thinking back to even just last week with Mason. This is one of the pains – trying so hard to live in the moment then realize by the end of the day, you’ll never get those moments back. The day has ended, and my baby is now a day older. It’s hard watching him grow up, because we want him to be teeny tiny forever. (Although he’s not been teeny tiny for a long time).

Dollywood Visit With The Family


Mason went with us on a family trip to Dollywood. It was both of our first trips there; even though we got some rain, we had fun exploring the shops and listening to memories from Matty’s childhood throughout the park.

During this trip, Mason was on his third night of the “cry it out method” for bedtime. Beginning this routine was hard for the first few days, but has absolutely paid off. Like most obstacles in parenting, I can’t recall what life was like pre-“cry it out”. But I’ve had my nights back for months now and we love it!

It was a short trip, but served as a happy intermission to our stressful summer.

Helping Me With Rover Doggies

Mason and doggiesMason has always loved animals, and I am so grateful for that affection. During the summer months, I spent many days doing Rover. Rover is a local pet sitting service that many Chattanoogans use! I go into people’s homes to love on their pets while they are away.

Because I set my “own hours”, I can be picky with my clients, too. I have my settings to where I will only watch pets who are good with children. This way, I know that I can bring Mason along with me.

Here is a picture of our friend Anna’s dogs Lily and Riley. Lily was in love with Mason, but often forgot her size! Riley, as you can see, eventually warmed up to another baby being in the house and hung out with us.

I truly think “doggy” will be one of Mason’s first words. It so often sounds like it is going to be the first word that comes out of his mouth.


General Updates About Our Family


new and old sperry's


Matty and I celebrated our third marriage anniversary. Per tradition, we gifted each other with leather presents. I found a cute little shop on Etsy that sells wallet inserts. I had them engrave a quote on it, special for me. Then Matty out-gifted me with these. I have been needing (and complaining) about my Sperry’s for months. My old pair were riddled with holes and were just nasty. Look at the difference! I am fairly positive the old pair started off the same color. I was not sad to say good-bye to them.

Celebrating Katelyn

My sister Katelyn is getting married in ONE MONTH! We had her bachelorette party last week and it was a great night. Between getting the night off from mommy-hood and getting to know the other bridesmaids/girls in Katelyn’s life, I had a blast. I was also given the nickname MILF that night, and I couldn’t have been happier!



R.I.V.E.R. Visit

The day of our move, my precious girl Piper vomited blood. We were in the middle of packing the U-Haul when I noticed a pile of blood on the ground. Both girls had been outside for a while, so I feared she was dehydrated. But I also could tell her usually slender waist was bloated up like a balloon. I immediately called my hospital, and they advised me to bring her in.

Piper at the vetI got her situated and was told she was probably alright. Matty went to work, I had Mason with me trying to get him to take a nap when the hospital called and told me we needed to take her to R.I.V.E.R. (the emergency hospital in the area). After taking radiographs, we found out that she had bones or small pebbles lodged in her stomach that she couldn’t pass. Big sigh – of course on our moving day.

Mason and I headed over to Shallowford Animal Hospital, where we picked up Piper and took her right on over to the emergency vet. At this point in time, I had no idea how long I would need to be there. Or if she would need emergency surgery. So I took my sleepy, angry boy to his grandma’s for a sleepover.

After her stay overnight and follow-up radiographs, Piper’s bones/pebbles had begun to pass and were in here intestines. We brought her home and she passed them all successfully. We were thankful we avoided surgery, but we did get 2 different hospital bills and brought Mason home with newfound separation anxiety in the experience.

To top that off, Neville was lost for 36 hours before we found him in the ceiling the day after we moved. He was apparently so scared that he found a tiny hole in the ceiling to crawl into and hide. He came to the sound of my voice, but him hiding nearly pushed me over the edge.

My advice to you – take all your pets to a boarding facility preferably before you start packing to move. Then bring them home once your home is set up. I would have avoided 2 hospital bills, the possible surgery, and a missing cat if I had done this.

Our New Life Adventure

Mason eating pasta


Matty and I are still picking up the pieces. We are trying to sell our truck, as we don’t need it anymore. We’re trying to make one of our side hustles take off. We’re working every day with Mason teaching him to nap on his own, how to stand, and how to walk. Soon we’re going to incorporate sign language to help him communicate better with us.

With all the craziness, we are still left in what I am calling a “stress high”. I feel the residual stress of the family craziness, the move craziness, and our future events each day.

Soon Mason will be one, and I have yet to plan that party. My sister will have her wedding in less than a month! We have much to do, and much to be thankful for.


Thank you all for being patient and loyal readers! More posts to come.

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