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As we grow and expand in our business and life, this resource page will be constantly expanding. Check back soon for books we’re currently reading, toys we’re buying Mason and the dogs, and new coffee things to play with.

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Baby Things

Dog Things

Web Things

Fun Things

Favorite Books


What To Expect When You're Expecting What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Why We Love It: Every time that we had a question about a weird feeling, family expectations, and other pregnancy-related happenings, we checked here. It’s easier and a little bit more helpful than googling everything that happens.

What To Expect The First YearWhat to Expect the First Year

Why We Love It: For the same reasons as the first book! On or around Mason’s month-birthday, we read the chapter about the coming month. We like to plan ahead!


The Untethered SoulThe Untethered Soul

Why (Mattie) Loves It: I actually haven’t finished reading it. I’ve had to reread it from the beginning so many times, that I’m still digesting what I’ve learned so far. It’s an introduction to mindfulness, and how fulfilling your life can be in each moment.


The Four Hour WorkweekThe Four Hour Workweek

Why (Mattie) Loves It: It’s the book that started turning my dreaming about our life to actually taking action. It’s been a long journey now with LoLL, but this is the book that sparked the possibility (at least for me). Practical, applicable, and encouraging.


The Four Hour BodyThe Four Hour Body

Why (Mattie) Loves It: It’s the first ‘diet’ (lifestyle change is probably better) that actually worked for me. I went from 230+ pounds to 160 in about 6 months: without counting calories, counting, weighing myself, and getting to eat whatever I wanted once a week. I highly recommend it.

Baby Things


Sophie The Giraffe Sophi la GirafeSophie the Giraffe

Why We Love Sophie: Mason loves her! She’s his favorite teething toy to take on our walks. She’s all natural rubber, easy to clean, and the perfect size for Mason.

Clothes, Accessories, Necessities

Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep SuitBaby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit

Why We Love It: The first night Mason wore it, he slept for over 4 hours! Before that, his longest sleep had been 2 hours. It really is magic. You can read about using the sleep suit in Mason’s sleep routine here.

Munchkin Fresh Food FeederMunchkin Fresh Food Feeder

Why We Love It: Mason can eat (some of) what we eat! It’s great to have while going out to eat: we can buy a banana or fruit cup and easily feed Mason.

Infantino Squeeze StationInfantino Sqeeze Station

Why We Love It: Not only is this fun to use, but it’s so easy to make yummy, budget-friendly, real food for Mason. It’s easily washable too!

Dog Things

Bark Box DeliveryBarkbox

Why We Love It: Elliot and Piper get a special delivery every month!

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