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More Progress: Looking At More RVs

More Progress: Looking At More RVs

Some days feel as if we are making zero progress towards our goal of living in an RV. The days go by, and we feel like we haven’t made any steps towards our dream. But we still have had a productive week!

Our days are often happily filled with precious moments with Mason. He has had a wonderful week of firsts: he rolled from his belly to back for the first time, and Matty and I both caught a glimpse of the near-future with Mason crawling around on the floor! He’s also tried strawberries in his fresh food feeder and loves them.

At Home Working On The Blog

Matty has been working very hard at getting this blog to be amazing. One of the reasons we are a good team is because he puts in 110% towards everything he works on. He has gotten the theme customized, ConvertKit working, and all the technical things that I despise to do. And that leaves me to write the posts, which I adore doing! We really are a perfect team.

And although we have been productive this week with all our projects we’re juggling, at the end of the day, it’s hard to feel successful when we still aren’t living on the road.¬†There’s no need to feel so downtrodden; every day we are closer. But some days we feel especially antsy!

Looking At More Mobile Homes

Fixer Upper RV Sale FriendTo make ourselves feel a little bit better, and a little more on track, we spent some time this weekend looking at more RVs. We were referred by Matty’s mom to look at an RV her friend at work is selling. It was smaller than we were looking into, and didn’t have any pop-outs, but we still wanted to try it out.

As we checked it out, we tinkered with the idea of remodeling an RV. Or even a bus! But with all the work it would take to make it livable¬†now, it’s just not an option. Maybe down the road, if we get ambitious, we could do some remodeling. After checking out her friend’s “fixer upper”, we decided that buying from a dealership was the way to go for us.

Next stop was another RV dealership, and we enjoyed the experience more because we didn’t have a pushy salesman with us the whole time. They let you go around inside all the campers, and check it out yourselves. Matty and I fell in and out of love with a few of them, and took video to review later.

Baby Steps

We know we’ve got a long way to go, still. We’ve got to make sure we’re all set financially (more so to make sure there’s no doubt that we’ll be OK on the road). Then there’s just the matter of getting everything sold, put in storage, moved into the RV… and leaving! Some days it’s so close, other days it’s so far away. But baby steps! We will get there before we know it.

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