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Making Time for our Dogs

Making Time for our Dogs

grace piper elliot  love our little lifeI have loved my dogs since the very first moment I laid eyes on them. Elliot was a year and a half when I adopted her, and our bond is very strong. She was the first dog I’ve ever had independently, and she was my protector. She and I lived in an apartment in Ohio, and she was my guard dog. Elliot has always been protective over me, and I love that about her. Piper was adopted almost a year later, and lived with Matty during the week days. The bond between our two dog “daughters” formed instantly, with just a few hiccups. For instance, they didn’t like to eat near each other at first, but now they eat side by side.

Before I became pregnant, Matty and I quite regularly took the dogs to the local dog park. We had year passes to get into the park, and they loved running freely alongside their dog friends. It wore them out, and it warmed my heart to see them happy.
Eventually, though, my pregnant body just got too tired and it got hard to do things with them. All I could muster up to do was feed myself, then head back to the couch for some cuddles. Even then, I knew that once my baby was born, it was going to be really hard to do things with them for a while.

So I decided to do something about it!

Introduction of the BarkBoxes

barkbox love our little lifeWhen I was about seven months pregnant, I decided to finally subscribe to BarkBox. Every once in a while, I would see promotions for BarkBox on ads on Facebook or Instagram. I would go through the motions and almost go through with the purchase, then back out.

Honestly, I regret not signing up sooner.

The girls know when their package arrives, and get as excited as I do for their new box. March’s BarkBox was cherry blossom themed, and I had recently upgraded their boxes to “tough chewers” because they’ve been destroying their toys quicker than usual. They love their special treats, like duck meat and jerky sticks, and love the toys. I get one box to share between them, and it always comes with two toys.

Click this link here to get started with BarkBox!

Here’s how else I spoil them

    • I feed them Purina Lite Snackers, because they are not high in calories and I can get them at a discount at work.
    • Rough housing when mommy isn’t holding Mason.
    • Letting them lick me, which they love to do, but daddy hates (so it all comes back to me!)
    • Taking them into PetSmart or Home Depot, where dogs are welcome! They absolutely love people who adore them, which is pretty much everyone
    • When I take them on walks, they don’t feel as constrained in these harnesses, which are designed to gently turn them around if they pull too hard. They appreciate these wonderful harnesses!
    • Family pictures, like these Valentine’s Pictures we took with Emily
    • Going on runs with mommy when she wants to work out that way
    • Cuddles at bedtime under the covers where it’s nice and warm

Elliot and Piper are happy, spoiled girls.

Engaging the dogs with Mason

Even though Mason is only six months old, he recognizes and reaches for his sisters when they walk by. He thinks it is the silliest thing when they play with each other or sneeze in front of him. Mason is a ball of joy when the dogs are around.

I have loved watching their relationship grow. And although there are hard times when I have to give my 100% attention and affection to Mason, the girls know that I am doing what I have to do. They know that their time will come, and that soon we can all play together.

Mason is currently practicing sitting up, so when we let the dogs out to go to the bathroom, he sits in the grass and watches them play. I am eternally grateful that the girls are so patient and love my son.

Once on the road with my girls…

It will be an adventure to be in the RV period, but to get to share in the experiences with my girls is a whole other story. I feel so lucky to have them, and I can’t wait to spoil them all over the country. What’s even more exciting now is that we have sort of set the date for the adventure – May 15!

We are very thankful that both of our current jobs are willing to keep us on: Matty will continue working two weeks, then be off for two weeks; I will stay on for Saturdays. We are very lucky and fortunate people.

We love our little lives, truly, and our special little girls.

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