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(What Felt Like) The Longest Week of All Time

(What Felt Like) The Longest Week of All Time

No matter who you are, you’ve experienced what we all call a “long day”. As a momma, long days come by pretty often. But I have a great baby who doesn’t often give me trouble. But for some reason, my “long days” ended up stretching over a week and it’s been tough! I am happy to report that the longest week of all time is over for me!

Rough Nights Without Dad

During the week, Matty and I work strategic shifts so that one of us is with Mason at all times. Our goal when scheduling our work shifts was to make sure that one of us would always be present and available for him. We have learned that Mason loves to have us both around, and that he especially loves when we are together. It’s like he knows that when we’re all together as a family, that it’s a special moment. He gets this big grin and cannot stop smiling.

But because of how our work schedules have been, it means that I get Mason for a bulk of the week. Don’t get me wrong, I love my time with Mason. Sometimes, even when Mason is napping in my arms I can’t get enough of him and I just can’t wait for him to wake up again. But putting him to sleep recently has been a struggle, and that is what has made this week so hard for me.

Because Mason knows when one of us is missing, I am convinced he acts fussy as a way of protesting. I feel like sometimes, all he wants is for Matty to be home. So when Matty is doing a closing shift at Starbucks (which means he gets home around midnight), I am stuck with a weepy baby that I have to wait out his cries.

Looking back at the week, I might have been overreacting to the pain I felt on each of those nights. In the moment, it’s hard to not feel like a bad mom for not always being able to comfort him. But in the reality of the last few nights, Mason has been fast asleep in his sleep suit within an hour of me putting him down.

Rough Time at Work

I work as a receptionist at a veterinary hospital, and I only work three days a week. Because I work so seldom, I almost never see truly difficult situations. Well, that all changed today.

It all happened very quickly. One minute, this beautiful seven-year-old boxer was fine, the next she had passed away. Our doctor did all she could; CPR for almost 15 minutes, so much medication pumped in her to get her heart beating again. It was a heartbreaking day at the hospital.I cannot begin to imagine the pain her owner felt.

We all left the hospital feeling very grateful for everything in our lives, dogs and humans. I had brought my girls to work with me, and felt especially grateful they were safe and healthy.

On The Bright Side

mason snow love our little lifeThe week is all over. And Matty and I get some time together with Mason. This morning, Mason enjoyed his first snow in his pajamas! It didn’t last long, but I loved it. Right now, we are currently enjoying a local coffee shop for the first time. It’s called Wired Coffee, and it’s pretty good. Mason has been a quiet and inquisitive boy, watching all the quiet college students work on homework and socialize.

Coffee has always been a passion of my husband’s. While we were dating, he had a Keurig. Over time, he’s collected many more coffee gadgets and (obviously) made his way into Starbucks and become a shift supervisor. He’s even in training to become a coffee master! (I need to make him make a post about that journey). But visiting new coffee shops is a passion for both of ours. And it just makes Matty and I all the more excited to visit other cities’ cute coffee shops around the United States in our RV.

mason wired coffee mattie love our little lifeWe’ve also made some progress regarding the dream: both of our current jobs would like to keep us on as employees! I would continue to help with Saturdays, and Matty will work two weeks out of the month as a full or part time employee. Such relief, because that means we get to continue to have the benefits we currently enjoy (including health insurance, covered pet health insurance, and free Starbucks drinks!).

Here’s to hoping the next week is even better than how my weekend has ended!

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