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How To Deal With “Crap Hangers”

How To Deal With “Crap Hangers”

As today is going to be a busy day, I needed to take Mattie to work so I could have the car. We all woke up around 6:30am, got dressed and packed up the car. I know it’s not ideal to have one car for both of our schedules, but it is nice sometimes because it forces us to spend more time together and to be more in sync with each other. Anyways, while I was driving to the grocery store after dropping Mattie off at work, the morning show I listen to was discussing an interesting topic: gossip. Thankfully, Mason was distracted with his felt book given to him by his aunties in Ohio so I was able to listen.

Let’s Talk About “Crap Hangers”

Silly terminology, but it makes sense after hearing the meaning. Elvis Duran and the Morning Show defined “crap hangers” as people who unload their s*** on people and don’t return the favor.

As I listened to them answer phone calls of people who take the s*** people unload on them, stories of encounters with family and friends, I couldn’t help but feel some hypocrisy. Not to call anyone out, but aren’t we all guilty of unloading on people?

I got to thinking while I was driving about gossiping and complaining to people. I thought about all the times that I do it; like at work if something going on in my personal life or about clients themselves. Even at salons, which is actually somewhere I’m going this afternoon. Many women take their time at the salon to unwind and unload on their hairdresser. But often, these women  don’t actually return the favor.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally do it, too. And I don’t even think it’s wrong to complain every once in a while. I believe though that it’s important to return the favor. So here are my 3 rules of thumb when it comes to “crap hanging”.

How To Appropriately “Crap Hang”

*This really isn’t terminology I’d use, but Elvis Duran and the Morning Show has it stuck in my brain!*

If you’ve got something you just have to get off your chest, do it with someone you know. I believe the first rule of thumb is don’t hang s*** on strangers. I mean, it’s not a good way to make friends and it’s just plain uncomfortable.

One of the only situations I feel like there’s an exception is if your job allows it. For example, working at a vets office as a receptionist, I have to take people’s payments at the end of their visit. Some people feel so inclined as to share the state of their finances and unload their crap… and I don’t have a choice but to listen! I’ve just learned to not take it home.

That’s my second rule of thumb: don’t let someone else’s s*** ruin your day. This may be a hard thing to accomplish. But at the end of the day, it’s not your crap. Be a friend, lend an ear, but don’t bring it home!

My last rule of thumb is to return the favor. I’ve said this a few times in this post, but it’s because this is important. If you’re constantly unloading your crap on people and don’t ever listen to them, don’t expect that person to hang around for long. It’s poor manners, it’s rude, and un-fun to be in a one-sided relationship. Whether this “crap hanger” is a friend, family member, or spouse, you shouldn’t stick around if that person doesn’t return the favor. It’s a character flaw in my book to be so negative and not have empathy for others.
So there you have it: Grace’s 3 rules of thumb when it comes to complaints and “crap hangers”. Thanks to Elvis Duran for bringing up this topic! I love listening to this morning show because they bring up excellent and relatable topics in a fun way.

Have a great Wednesday, loves!

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