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First Time Making Baby Food

First Time Making Baby Food

The idea of making baby food for my son wasn’t a new fantasy after having Mason. The idea was spawned before we were even pregnant. I knew that it would probably save some money, would be a fun activity for me and Mase, and I have always wanted to be a super healthy momma and have super healthy kids. Now, I am still working on the super-health-momma part, but I am getting there!

This post is about the first time that I had attempted to make baby food, so don’t take everything that I write as gold. Wanted to share my experience with you!

Sweet Potato Baby Food

I wasn’t really secure of which food I had wanted to start Mason out with. He was definitely showing all the signs of wanting to start to eat solids, from watching us eat, to reaching out for his bottle, and opening his mouth when we brought spoons to his lips. After researching, I decided sweet potatoes was the way to go. So when Matty and I went grocery shopping for the week of February 19, I purchased a bag of about 9 sweet potatoes with the intention of converting it to baby food. For a few days, it sat in the refrigerator untouched, until one night I got brave and took a go at it!

Make sure you have all the supplies

sweet potatoes Love Our LIttle Lifesweet potatoes Love Our LIttle LifeYou need to have all the necessary ingredients that you plan to make, but also the tools to make the food pouches. I pulled out the Infantino Squeeze Station that I hadn’t used yet sitting up on the shelf next to his formula, and prepared the awesome reusable squeeze bags I purchased from Amazon. Through much research, I had determined that getting reusable pouches, though more work to clean and maintain, would ultimately be a better investment. I made sure my blender was clean, and I got to work!

I sat Mason down in his rocker facing me so that I could make silly faces at him while I peeled and chopped the sweet potatoes. He loves to watch me in the kitchen! I made the chunks not too small, but not so big that they might be problems in our blender. After chopping, you boil them for about fifteen minutes, then take them out to cool completely before popping them into the blender.

blending sweet potatoesNow, I do not have a processor to puree as some other websites may direct you to have. But before we had Mason we purchased a really good blender (again, with the idea in mind of making baby food). I figured that with a really good blender, it would do the job of a processor, and sure enough, it does! This thing works so dang well, I am in love with it. You can get our blender here, though we honestly bought it at Bargain Hunt near where our old apartment building was. We are always looking for a deal, but we know how important it is to buy quality.

Last step: Making the pouches

infantino fresh squeeze station sweet potatoes love our little lifeAfter it is blended and smooth, you’re ready to squeeeeeze it into the pouches! The smoother the food is, the easier it will be to get them into the pouches. Featured in the pictures are the pouches the station came with. But I plan to use reusable bags in the future because not only are the reusable, which is friendly on my wallet, but they hold more food! I will be able to make more food at one time, rather than have to buy smaller disposable pouches more frequently.

infantino fresh squeeze station sweet potatoes love our little lifeinfantino fresh squeeze station sweet potatoes love our little lifeIf y’all have any questions, let me know! I am seriously in love
with the station and pouches; they squeezed in so easily, stay well in the fridge, and the best part is is that Mason loves them. I can’t wait to share more recipes in the future!

Next Food…

I think I am going to try green beans next, his Grammy let him try Beechnut brand green beans, and he loved them. We have yet to try a food that he truly rejects. So far, the closest he has gotten to rejecting something was bananas – he likes his vegetables!

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