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First AirBNB Experience in Madisonville, TN

First AirBNB Experience in Madisonville, TN

After finally clocking out from work on Saturday, I unlocked my car and stepped inside. I grabbed my phone and texted Matty if he needed me to pick anything up on the way home. He replied no, that I could just come home. Now, earlier in the week we had discussed driving up to a town near Knoxville to look at a potential travel trailer. I had no idea driving home that afternoon that we would have a great first experience with AirBNB in another city.

Driving Up To Rasar Landing

When I got home from work, Matty and I exchanged how our days went. Then he turned to me and said, “Are we going to go get the trailer? I looked at AirBNB’s nearby; I found one I think may work.” At first, I thought to myself it would be nuts if we left so spontaneously for another city and possibly get a travel trailer. But after honestly not much thought, I said, “Let’s do it.”

You might think we were too spontaneous, or that it was irresponsible. Something of the like. But we had the means to do it, we didn’t have to work, and it had the potential to be a great first experience with AirBNB. Ultimately, we want to travel, try new things, and spend more time together. That is why I said let’s do it so quickly. Because why not?

Decision Made! Ready To Go

So we packed up. Grabbed some clothes for overnight, got the diaper bag stocked full for all his necessities, got the dogs’ things, and left the kitties with extra food for overnight. After ensuring our AirBNB stay, I messaged the travel trailer seller that we were on our way.

The trip up was awesome. We drove our truck for the first time on the interstate together, and it was seamless. Matty has always been in love with the truck, but I fell more in love with it during that drive. Mason fell asleep for about 45 minutes of the hour and a half drive, and I sat beside him in the back. Our girls sat in the front seat on their dog bed, just like how I used to drive to visit Matty in Columbus, Ohio back when we lived separately in 2013. Finding Rasar’s Landing, where the trailer was located, proved to be difficult; we were in a part of the country that had shoddy internet, though beautiful landscape. But sure enough, down the road right by a lake sat the travel trailer.

Looking At The Travel Trailer

rasar's landing
Here is the only sad part of the story: the trailer was awful. Just walking around the exterior, there was significant rust and multiple holes sketchily pieced together by duct tape. Additionally, the seller never arrived to show us the interior. But we piled out of the truck and took a car ride break nonetheless, letting our girls stretch their legs and go potty. Mason appreciated getting out of the car seat, too.

Dogs and at Rasar's Landing
The little nook we landed in was sweet. Rasar’s Landing looked to be a run-down boat shop with a cafe inside. The paint on the building was peeling, making it look like a sweet seaside shack. Across the street from where we parked was a lake shore and beach where many families were camped out enjoying the beautiful day. Even just this small glimpse of travelling made us feel good; no matter that we were in the middle of nowhere with no cell service.

Meeting The Family/Using AirBNB

Madisonville AirBNB
Just ten minutes from Rasar’s Landing was the home we stayed at for the night. I was relieved to see their home was in a community. Just past the cul de sacs were rolling hills filled with hay bales, the skyline rimmed with the Smokey Mountains. The view was breathtaking, and I was so excited to be spending my evening in it.

Matty, Mason on swing
The hosts were the kindest people. When we pulled in the driveway, they greeted us immediately and were so kind to our dogs. They had two dogs, as well, who ended up being great companions to Elliot and Piper. The guest bedroom had an enormous bed (where Mason ended up co-sleeping with us) and on top of the dresser were water bottles, sweets, and packets of information for nearby food and activities. Just simply being in someone’s home and sharing space with people interested in sharing stories and experiences with us was amazing. Our first experience was so positive, and we can’t wait to continue to travel this way. It’s definitely worth a try!

want to book airbnb
Back In Chattanooga
After a rough night of sleeping (again, we had to co-sleep with Mason because we couldn’t get our mini crib inside), we woke up and packed up to head home. We said goodbye to Madisonville and drove home with a sleeping baby in the back.

Grace, Mason at Market
We had planned to visit the Chattanooga Market downtown to pick up some of our favorite local treats. Matty and I love the rosemary and olive oil bread sold there as well as the fresh picked strawberries. Mason walked with us in the carrier on me through the market; he loves to kick his legs freely this way. Lupi’s pizza was available in their food truck, so we ate pizza while listening to the live music. After we finished up there, we moved onto the next planned event: going to Rock City on their founder’s day.

Founder’s Day in Rock City

Founder's Day
As a special that day, they were selling season passes for $19.32, the day Rock City was founded. So we took Mason and walked him around Rock City for the first time. He looked looking at all the “greenery”, as I call it. He is already such a fan of nature, it’s a pleasure to watch his interest in exploring grow. We can’t wait to make this a weekly event! Thanks to this wonderful newsletter, Dogs Love Chattanooga, we now know that we can bring our girls with us to Rock City! We love this newsletter because it keeps us updated and informed on dog happenings in Chattanooga. Without it, I wouldn’t have known about Rock City’s special!


All in all, we had such a great weekend. Really made us think about how important it is to get out and do things that we love. And spending time together as a family is what is important to us, and teaching Mason to love and value family time and travelling is important to us, too. We hope y’all had a great weekend, too!

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