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Favorite Things I Bought For Mason

Favorite Things I Bought For Mason

A few people have been asking me recently what I just had to have once I had Mason. I had to rack my brain a bit to even think back that far. It’s hard for me to recall the days when I had a tiny 8 lb baby who slept most of the day… But it made me decide to make this list for my fellow new-moms out there! Here are the favorite things I bought for Mason when he was born:

The Boppy Pillow


How I Used It

Until nursing a baby with a dairy and soy allergy became too much for me, this Boppy was a life saver! When you’re starting out nursing, you really don’t know what you’re doing. So you’ll try all of these different holds and it can be quite uncomfortable for you. But I thankfully found a way to nurse Mason in a way that he preferred, and this Boppy gave me the rest that was much needed for my noodle arms.

Multiple Uses Beyond Nursing

Even after Mason was finished nursing, we used this for tummy time, practicing to sit up, and still for feeding him a bottle. It’s so versatile, and the price is well worth it. Plus, this is the number one thing that people buy expecting mother’s for baby showers. We went simple and got this cover, but there are tons of other cute covers (like this cute flower cover that I totally would have gotten if we had a girl).


Halo Swaddle

Halo SwaddleHow I Used It

It’s recommended to sleep in the same room as your baby. For a while, we slept with him in the living room in his pack’n’play, taking shifts so we each could get a couple hours of sleep. As new parents, we didn’t start to get a wink of sleep (at least together in the same bed) for weeks! We just couldn’t keep our eyes off our precious newborn. This swaddle was our best friend until he became too big for it. Mason just loved to be swaddled, and this Halo Swaddle blanket made it super easy to do so. Although we finally got a hang of folding a receiving blanket correctly, all you have to do with this is zip them up and fold the “wings” over the tucked in arms.

Other Way To Swaddle With This

After a couple weeks, Mason started to get more active with those arms. So we started to take his arms out of the Halo Swaddle and just wrap the “wings” over his chest! This worked for him well, until we got the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit (read my article on my night-time favorites).


 Graco Pack N Play

How I Used It

Until Mason was born, my cats actually made themselves pretty comfortable in this pack’n’play from Graco. But once he arrived, I used it for sleeping and for changing his diapers and cute little bottom! I didn’t get much use from the sleep sling because we laid him flat on his back on the mat, but I imagine it would be a nice place to put your baby down.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but we just adored Mason. We could not put him down, and we still struggle with it. We’re probably spoiling him by holding him so much, but I don’t care!

Anyways, the changing table can hold up to 30lbs in weight. It was the perfect place to change him, and I kept all his diaper essentials in the side pocket. Eventually, Mason got too tall for the table that I had to start changing him elsewhere.

How Else You Can Use It

Once your babe is big enough, it’s a play pen. Yessss. Mason isn’t quite old enough to play by himself in there, but one day he will be. And it will be a lifesaver.

Gel Pads

nursing gel pads

Now, this is not a sexy pick. It’s also not for everyone; if you don’t plan to nurse, you won’t really want this. But, all that being said, I loved this so much. Dude, my nipples hurt so bad when I first started nursing. They were chapped all the time, and I used Lansinoh cream too, but this gel pad was a thousand times more soothing for me. It was cool and gentle to the touch. It was rough to rub the cream on them after the were so raw from nursing. But these gel pads were easy to apply, relieving, and just a thousand times more wonderful. I highly recommend these gel pads.

Other Good Buys With A Newborn

Everyone is going to have a different list, but there are some core similarities. For me, I felt like I had to have everything I’d ever read about for Mason. I wanted him to have everything! But in reality, there were a few things I probably could have gone without buying. But that’s just for me! Every mother is going to have different needs, and every baby has their preference. For instance, he didn’t like the back and forth rocker we got him, but probably would have loved something like this.

Graco Infant Swing for baby
Instead of telling you what I didn’t like, I’ll tell you what else I liked (but didn’t rank in my favorites).

  1. Zip up onesies, because buttons are too hard
  2. Nuby pacifiers
  3. These Babysoft Blankets were awesome. They were thick, but not too thick. He loved being wrapped up in them for naps and in the car seat while we traveled.
  4. NUK baby bottles
  5. Socks – it was already cold in our house, we needed to keep him bundled!


We Hope This Helped!

Every parent is going to have different needs. But the things I listed were my absolute favorite. Comment below on what your favorite newborn purchases were!

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