taking steps every day to love our little life


One of my many faults is following through on my dreams. I think anyone could agree that they daydream while at work, or wish they could visit that city in that television show they love, or be able to take trips and have more family time. I cannot possibly be the only one who wishes they could have more than the standard American life of working nine to five, having a 30 year mortgage, three kids, and only have a vacation maybe once a year.

I have had so many dreams. Owning my own dog daycare, traveling often with my husband and our dogs. Now my dream consists of living on the road with my family. We could travel to different cities all across the United States, just Mason, Matty, my girls and I. I would hate for this to just remain a dream.

So we are doing it.

I really hope I can follow through. My personal obstacle is moving past the notion that I need to fit into that American lifestyle. I have to learn that it’s okay to be different and pursue your dreams despite that people may think we are crazy.

I guess to succeed at your dreams, oh do need to be a little crazy.

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