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Christmas Time is (Almost) Here

Well, hey readers. It’s my first post, and I’m a little nervous about it. I’m excited to get my blog going, but I’m a bit afraid I won’t be talking to anyone for a while.

I am very excited, however, for this blog. My husband and I plan to write about things that we love – parenthood, our dogs, traveling, local adventures, and many more topics. The timing for this blog is pretty good – beginning just as 2016 is ending.

This past year has been good to my family. I say this, because I know that 2016 will quite possibly go down in history as one of the worst years for my country and the world. Despite what all has happened, as for me and my little family, we are good.

We welcomed in the year by becoming pregnant with our first child. After just two months of trying, we got pregnant with our son. The nine months I carried him were wonderful, but I definitely should have thought more about being extremely pregnant during the summer months (they got pretty ritual here in Tennessee).grace and mattie at gender reveal partyIn February, we flew to New York City and had the privilege of seeing Lin Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton on Broadway, with it’s original cast. It was my first Broadway play, and it was breathtaking. We were only in NYC for 24 hours, but we spent those hours “taking in the sights of the city” and visiting The Grange (Hamilton’s home in Harlem).Grace and Mattie at the GrangeGrace and Mattie at Hamilton Love Our LIttle LifeWe traveled with family through North Carolina, Virginia, New York, and Ohio just for fun over the weekend of July the fourth. It was a really fun trip, and it’s a very good thing my husband loves to drive.Grace and Mattie at Grandfather Mountain Love Our LIttle Lifegrace and mattie at the capital Love Our LIttle Lifegrace and mattie at Niagara Falls Love Our LIttle LifeWe welcomed our son, Mason Allan, into the world on September 25. He was a perfect baby, and even though we had some scary moments that landed him in the NICU for three days, we got to bring him home healthy and perfect. mason is born Love Our LIttle LifeWe took some big steps in our marriage towards making each other happy, lifting each other up to become our truest selves. We have managed to include of first children, our dogs, in our new life with Mason. They’ve been the best big sisters. We have manuevered the holidays pretty well with all of his family here in Tennessee, and we are almost done with the year.

We have so much to be grateful for from 2016, but I can say that I am very ready to ring in the New Year.
But for now, Christmas time is here!

My husband works at Starbucks and works odd hours, so we hardly ever celebrate Christmas on the 25th. And almost every year, without fail, we get too excited about gift giving and open presents early.

This year, we made it to the 22nd and we have only opened our stockings. Here’s a picture of my hubby playing with his Lego’s (he cannot wait until Mason is old enough to play Lego’s with him). our first family christmas Love Our LIttle Life

Merry almost Christmas, readers!

Xoxo, G


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