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Busy Morning

Today’s posts should really begin with my night last night… it was rough. Although, I think I had set myself up for failure by getting in my pajamas and taking my contacts out before Mason was ready for bed himself.  Once my contacts are off, […]

And it’s the weekend

It seems the weeks fly by sometimes. We hit another milestone this week – Mason turned four months old! We have his check up scheduled next week, and we are excited to see how much he’s grown and ask our pediatrician all of the questions […]

Day at the Aquarium

We live in Chattanooga, but we rarely make it downtown to enjoy all Chattanooga-y things. Especially since after having Mason, the temptation to stay at home and just order food ┬áis far stronger. On the flip side, we also have a strong desire to have […]

Movie Review

La La Land Matty and I finally had a night off together this past weekend, so we got a babysitter for Mason and headed off to the movie theater! As new parents, I think we sometimes forget how to just be a couple without Mason. […]

Sleep Training

Day Two It’s 6:20pm and I have Mason in his room down for the night. That being said, I should clarify Mason’s current slumber state: wide awake. However, he is sucking on his pacifier and I only hear a few grunts and struggles every once […]

About Last Night

Well… The sleep training didn’t go so well last night. And that is mostly because I didn’t even try it out. The good news is is that Mason slept very well all on his own! He went down for what I thought was going to […]

74th Annual Golden Globes

It’s Award Season! Ever since I was little, I watched the award shows and red carpets for the year. From the beginning of the year, I’d watch my favorite actors and actresses walk the red carpet, dressed in beautiful gowns and jewels. During the earl […]

Closing Time

I am sitting here at work running all of the necessary tasks to close out the day. We have mopped the floors, cleaned our desks, closed out the credit card machines, printed our reports. But today isn’t just a regular Saturday, it’s the end of […]

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