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Busy Morning

Today’s posts should really begin with my night last night… it was rough. Although, I think I had set myself up for failure by getting in my pajamas and taking my contacts out before Mason was ready for bed himself. 

Once my contacts are off, I feel sleepy, even if I was tired before. So I was ready for bedtime at 8:00pm, but poor Mason was not. We were struggling with each other until Matty got home at 11:30pm, and that was when my gem of a husband took Mason and let me curl up in my bed and fall asleep.

That brings me to the morning! We slept until 8:00am (a lot later than usual), and then got ready for a busy morning!

We scheduled eye exams, passport renewing appointments at the post office; I had a meeting at work that I brought Mason to, and confirmed his four month check up at his doctor’s tomorrow morning. Baby Mase got tired of all the attention, and was ready for a nap by the last stop.

So here I am, buckled down for another one of Matty’s closing shifts armed with Starbucks coffee (with an extra shot of espresso) and wearing my contacts with no intention of taking them out until Mason goes to bed tonight. 

Hope your day is going as swell as mine!

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