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Baby Bonnet

Baby Bonnet

I ordered a bonnet for Mason on Amazon not long ago, and I had been very impatient waiting for it. Matty and I both work on Saturday mornings, which is always hard. He stays with his grandma during those hours. While I was at work today, though, I got a text alert that it had been delivered! I couldn’t get home fast enough.

I knew my bald baby would need this – he has such fair skin, he needs extra care. His baby sun screen can only do so much! I was also pleased to discover he doesn’t mind it being on his head. I found out in the winter that he doesn’t very much like winter hats. Each time I would take it off, his face would sort of relax like he was glad to be rid of them.

mason baby bonnetHere is a picture of my adorable son wearing his bonnet for the first time. I picked this one of because it’s not very boyish or girlish – it just does it’s job! And like I said, he doesn’t mind to have it on his head, which makes me so happy. If you’re interested in getting it, I’ll attach the link soon. I’m super happy with this purchase and can’t wait to continue using it this summer!

Enjoy the sunny day!


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