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Another Step Forward

Talked to a bank!

This morning, after we were all showered and got enough rest, we packed Mason up and headed to our bank to talk about loans!

Now, I have never taken out a loan for anything in my life, and that includes for school. So when we walked through the doors, I did not know how difficult, if at all, it would be. I was a little nervous to talk to the banker when she took us to her desk, I wasn’t sure what the conversation would be like.

It was completely surprising, and overall, such great news!

Firstly, I should tell you the story of the truck that we are (hopefully) going to be getting soon. One day two weeks ago, I decided to download the app LetGo. In our efforts to not only live on the road soon, but also to try to live more minimally, I knew I had to “let go” of a few things I’ve been holding onto. So I downloaded the app, and during my musings through the posts, I found it: the perfect truck.

I had done my version of research, which is far inferior to Matty’s research, and determined that getting a Dodge Ram 2500 (or more) would be ideal. With Matty’s research, we decided that a diesel would be overall a better investment. To my disappoint, all the used trucks at CarMax that were diesels started at $50K (AH, NO). Yikes. But there I was, stumbling along on LetGo, and found the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT for $21K.

I know what you’re thinking… it was probably not a real offer. Or something is wrong with it. But no! This is a legitimate seller! We took it for a test drive last Sunday, and it just simply was fate – we are meant to live on the road.

So this morning at the bank, she let us know what to do. As this car still has financing, we will just ask for him to contact our bank so they can work that our, and we got approved for the car and title. I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

We also briefly talked about the RV, but honestly, we will get approved for it and that’ll be the last thing we need to do. We just are waiting on jobs! I think the refresh button on my phone is getting worn out from me checking almost every 10 minutes.

This afternoon, I took a walk with Mason and the girls. I am thankful for warmer weather and time to clear my head!



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