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And it’s the weekend

It seems the weeks fly by sometimes. We hit another milestone this week – Mason turned four months old! We have his check up scheduled next week, and we are excited to see how much he’s grown and ask our pediatrician all of the questions we’ve been storing up. Like when to introduce solid foods, which I am hoping she says is okay to begin now. He’s a big kid, I’m hoping she says that his baby body can handle it. Also, how to and when to transition him to his crib. 

That leads me to his sleeping habits this past week…

Although it’s whizzed by, it’s also been a rough week for mommy and his sleep schedule. Poor baby hasn’t been sleeping that well, and with Matthew working a lot of late nights, that leaves me by myself with him.

We often take shifts to get sleep, but when it’s just me, it’s hard to accomplish any sleep at all with a teething, upset baby. Some nights it’s that he wants to be held (which is the case tonight – he is asleep in my arms as I type this), other nights he seems to want nothing to do with me.

Last night, nothing appeased him. Rocking, diaper changes, kisses, play time, laying him down by himself – nothing worked! If you can imagine, I was a very upset and tired mommy. I felt so horrible, but I had to leave him in his room for a bit to gain some sanity back before trying to help him again.

It was the first time I was on the verge of tears. 

I get emails from What To Expect that I read occasionally. Recently the posts I get are about sleep training, and during the light of day it’s all so appealing! But in practice, it’s another story…

I guess we will come back to training him later. Right now, Matty and I aren’t on the same page with it (were on the page where we get some sleep by doing shifts), and I just love the nights that he will sleep peacefully in my arms the way he used to when he was itty bitty.

Sweet dreams,


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