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About This Blog

What Is This Blog Even About?

Welcome, and thanks for taking the time to scroll through my blog. You may have read a few posts and been a little confused. That’s OK, because we’re going through a little bit of a transition. This blog is about our real life. What does that mean exactly? Let me give you a little background about what’s been going with us.

Humble Beginnings

Matty Mason and Grace

We began this blog as a hopeful young family wanting to embark on one of our biggest life dreams: traveling around the country in an RV. This dream hadn’t sprouted up overnight, it had been floating in our minds as that one impossible hope that you never thought you could obtain. But my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Yeah, we could actually do this!”

For months, we worked hard at everything. We applied for and got some side jobs/online jobs; we scheduled ourselves strategically so that one of us was always home with our son; we saved up and took out a loan for the truck that would pull our RV. We thought we were about to obtain our dream… then life happened.


Isn’t that always how the story goes? Yeah. It’s a little discouraging. We ended up having to get an apartment, and even file bankruptcy to get out of the financial mess we got into. (Once we’re through, we’ll write a blog post about this topic too). But our dream is still there, back in the back of our brains until we get stable again.

So That’s What We’re About: Real Life

So that’s what we’re all about. We are a little family with a son, two dogs and two cats. Our lives are stressful, messy, crazed, beautiful, wonderful, and worth everything we put into it. If you like us, follow us and let us know what you like (or don’t). We’re real people living real lives – and we love our little life. We hope you will too.

– Grace

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