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About Last Night


The sleep training didn’t go so well last night. And that is mostly because I didn’t even try it out.

The good news is is that Mason slept very well all on his own! He went down for what I thought was going to be a brief nap at 9:00pm, and has turned into pretty much sleeping soundly even still! It’s 10:00am now, and he is in his pack’n’play by himself sleeping still. He did wake a few times for feeding, but he’s been pretty much out all night long!

After speaking with a friend this morning about how she got her baby to sleep on his own, I’m thinking I should modify the training that I try. It’s nice to hear from friends about how they parent, because (again) every baby is different. But for some reason, it’s easier for me to hear advice from friends than just another blog on the internet. That being said, I hope these posts are help for some mothers out there!

I’ll try again tonight, and shoot for an earlier bedtime. It’s hard for me to imagine – getting Mason to bed before midnight (is that even possible?!)



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