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Grace About Our Family Love Our Little Life
Meet Grace

There are so many things about me that I feel make up who I am. First and foremost, I am a wife to a wonderful, thoughtful, and kind partner. To this day, I find it incredible that I was able to find my soulmate at such a young age. I met Matty when I was 17 years old, and we got married after two years of dating. We will be celebrating our third year of marriage in July. I appreciate every day with him, even the days where we don’t do anything fun and just watch Impractical Jokers all day. family

We have two rescue dogs and two rescue cats, and we love them all as oElliot and Piper About Our Family Love Our Little Lifeur first children! I adopted my first dog, Elliot, when I got my first apartment in Ohio. I knew I wanted a dog when I left my parents’ house, and I knew immediately she was the one. She has been a wonderful protector to me, and I believe she’s my soulmate (she shares that title with Matty). Piper came soon after, living with Matty during the second year of Matty and I dating. Elliot and Piper took to each other immediately and they are totally inseparable now. Our two cats are a mother and son duo, and they are classic cats: want our attention sometimes, couldn’t care less others. We love our animal collection!

Lastly, I became a mother to the most perfect, special, and beautiful son in the whole world. I gave birth to Mason last September, and every day with him is incredible. As a new mother, I see life through a completely different lens; I don’t remember what life was like without him. All I know is that I was meant to be his mother.

As this little family of three and our two dogs and two cats, I feel so compelled to make the most of my time with them. I cannot wait to start our journey on the road: getting to travel and see the national parks with my dogs, visit discovery museums for Mason, make new friends and see my old friends, and just enjoy life to the fullest – I feel lucky to have the opportunity to make that dream happen.


Mattie About Our Family Love our Little Life

Meet Matty

Hi, I’m Mattie! I’ve been transitioning a bit with names throughout my life, usually around the same time as major life changes: Matthew to my family, Wilky throughout high-school and college, Matty when I met Grace, Ashley just to throw everyone off every once in a while, and now Mattie since Mason was born. My life has changed for the better with each addition to my life:

I met Grace in the middle of (one of my many) existential crises one summer in Ohio while counseling at a horseback riding camp. I knew I wanted to spend every magical and mundane moment with her the minute I saw her. In the middle of one of my most trying times, she was my charis: my gift, my grace. With complete honesty, she brought out the real me that was hiding inside a shy little boy all my life: the mindful, passionate, semi-adventurous, even (obnoxiously, sometimes) outspoken liberal, complete person I am today. She’s my person-lobster-star-lebenslangerschicksalsschatz.

I met Piper in Ohio after spending 36 hours trying to decide between two cats. I wanted a pet soon after Elliot found Grace. Her mouse-like ears, long tail, and hyperactive licking enraptured me – and we’ve been best friends ever since. Our love for Piper and Elliot has since produced the adoption of our cats (Hermione and Neville), and several foster animals.

My world changed again last year when I met Mason. The first few moments with him were so scary, beautiful, messy, and gut-wrenching. The moment I saw him, I felt deep within me that I was destined to be his, to take care of him. I fall apart when he smiles.

Every day I rededicate to Mason, Grace, and the little life we have together. I know that each moment is fleeting, and I’m passionately striving to soak in every last drop of this deliciously ambiguous, beautifully ordinary, messy life we make.

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