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74th Annual Golden Globes

It’s Award Season!

Ever since I was little, I watched the award shows and red carpets for the year. From the beginning of the year, I’d watch my favorite actors and actresses walk the red carpet, dressed in beautiful gowns and jewels. During the earl years of my watching, I cared more about the dresses than I did the award show. Plus, I was young and had a bedtime.

But my love for the season lives on, and every year I get just as excited as I did then! Only now, I have an appreciation for all aspects of the events. I start watching E!’s coverage of the fashion, muttering to myself on the couch my personal opinions of the dresses actresses were wearing. And if any of you are interested, Lilly Collins is my best dressed for the Golden Globes. After the carpet is through, my husband and I settle into the evening with spinach artichoke dip (which I can’t have this year because I am still nursing my son who has a milk-allergy), italian ice, hamburgers, and sparkling juice (I’m still a kid at heart).

It was an awesome night. The fashion was daring, which I love seeing actresses do. The awards went out to deserving actors and actresses, Jimmy Fallon, the host, was hilarious. But Meryl Streep’s acceptance speech was the highlight.

She took her voice, one that so many of her fans take to heart and listen to, to speak out against something she believed in. Celebrities have this awesome ability to give voice to social issues because we adore them so much. I have never felt this to be an unfair ability, especially when they use it for good. I respect Mrs. Streep, and I couldn’t have been prouder hearing her words.

Watch below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NxyGmyEby40

Oh, and this happened.

Image result for ryan reynolds andrew garfield kiss golden globes gif

(Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed as Ryan Gosling went up to accept his Golden Globe for La La Land).

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