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Glimpse Of Success With Our Side Hustle

Glimpse Of Success With Our Side Hustle

Matty and I have tried many ideas to make money through a “side hustle”. Our number one passion has been to be successful enough financially to live freely as a family. We’ve recently realized this passion cannot happen overnight, but still try in small ways to get things up and off the ground. From working on this blog to Shipt and Uber, we’d so far been unsuccessful. Until now!

The Birth Of Our First (So Far) Successful Side Hustle

A few months back, Matty came to me with an idea. He loves reading blogs from successful “side hustlers” and got a great idea from a company in Maine who does IKEA home delivery and assembly. Why not be the couple from Chattanooga who does IKEA home delivery? So Matty then spent many hours getting the website live and perfect(you can look at it here, it’s called Home Sweden Home and it’s awesome).

But this was a few months ago. We have since been incredibly busy (please refer to my latest blog post) and haven’t promoted this side hustle at all. Then the incredible happened – we got an order! A wonderful woman in Cleveland found our business through a simple Google search. What are the chances? She submitted her order and suddenly our small “side hustle” became a real money-making venture.

The First HomeSwedenHome Trip


My awesome mother-in-law took Mason for the morning and early afternoon so we could make our first trip. Matty and I got packed up and headed down to Atlanta to be ready when IKEA opened.

Navigating IKEA’s Stock

IKEA Stock Room

If you’ve been to IKEA, you know it can be overwhelming. And that is precisely why this service is awesome for people – you get great and inexpensive IKEA goods without having to actually brave the store yourself.

Thankfully, Matty and I are already IKEA pros. Although we haven’t shopped there in a while, we got our customer’s order in no time. Even though we could have been in and out in 30 minutes, we spent some extra time roaming around for ourselves (we sobbed a bit looking at the children’s beds thinking about Mason being that big some day).

Super Happy First Experience

This whole experience has been incredibly encouraging for us. Our customer is an expecting mother and was thrilled she’d found HomeSwedenHome. How encouraging that without any kind of promotion, a Google search allowed her to get her things and us to get our first order? Now Matty and I are so excited to put more work and time into this “side hustle” and maybe turn it into something hugely successful.

In no way do I feel like I’ve “hit it big”. But I hope this is encouraging to some of you who have ideas but don’t think you can make it. Just put in some time and effort, and have a whole lot of patience.


Matty and I IKEA Trip

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