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Babies Grow Up Too Fast

Babies Grow Up Too Fast

Every day is different with Mason. With each discovery and twinkle in his eye when he learns something new, there’s a tug-of-war in my heart saying “I can’t wait until he does this and that” and “Please don’t grow up anymore!” Every day, my little boy gets older and older. And it’s hard for me to balance time being present and mindful with him and also looking forward to the future with him. It’s definitely not a new discovery for moms out there, but babies grow up too fastAnd though it’s exciting, I can’t handle Mason growing up too fast!

My Little Boy Not So Little Anymore

Mason is nearly seven months old and it’s unbelievable how much he’s learning on a daily basis. He wakes up every morning, chirping happily in his crib. He eats so many foods now, I even think that he is ready for stage 3 food. Mason has become quite opinionated: he knows how to indicate what he does and doesn’t like. When we make him food or carry him around in our arms, he’s reaching over fearlessly and grasping at every object we pass.

When we go on walks, we occasionally put him in the stroller by himself, without the car seat, because it’s so darn tall. He’s so close to crawling. He can get his knees up underneath him and he bounces forward and backward like he’s getting ready to propel himself. Our son has almost cut his two front top teeth, and it’s simply more than my heart can bear.

My little baby isn’t very little, anymore, and I love it and I hate it. Makes me ever so aware of how precious life is, and how important it is to stay present with him.

How I’m Staying Present

Though there are so many awesome and sweet milestones ahead of us (crawling, first words, sitting up independently and walking), the most important milestone is simply the present with him. If I’m even so much as glancing at my phone, I could be missing something. These moments with him at six months and three weeks old are moments that I will never get back. So what in the world could be more important?

While I was thinking about this today on my walk with him, I looked down at the stroller and saw him tiny little hand peeking out of the top. It was raining today, so I’d put the top over him to protect him. But, as Mason is the most curious little kid, he reached his little arm up to feel the stroller. Even tried to push it away.

little baby hand peeking out stroller

If I was on my phone, I would have missed this (although I did stop to take this picture). Even moments as little as this make my whole day. I had been a little bummed out about not being able to drive to see Matty at work. But seeing my son’s little hand reaching out, almost as if to remind me he was there, made everything better.

How Do You Stay Present?

All you moms out there: how do you stay in the moment with your kids so you don’t feel like they’re growing up too fast? I am taking all suggestions right now, because I just love Mason so much. It’s overwhelming, the love I have for this silly kid. I would love to hear your stories and suggestions!

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